Baby Sprites Pins Are Born!

You've probably seen my baby sprites enamel pins on the homepage of the website and wondered what they are.

There are 8 Baby Sprites hard enamel pins at the moment and they were completed February 10th, 2021. A Kickstarter campaign was launched to help fund their creation which ended up falling short due to lack of paid advertising, but they were made available for sale just recently on the website.

Baby Sprites are my little elemental pin designs themed after basic metaphysical elements: Sprinkle Sprite (water), Boulder Sprite (earth), Gust Sprite (air), Blaze Sprite (fire), Dandelion Sprite (grass), Shock Sprite (thunder), Sun Sprite (light) and Shadow Sprite (dark).

They started out as little doodles I made on a piece of notebook paper, which I later colored. They were rough at the time but I liked their happy faces and slightly crooked smiles. I took the designs into Illustrator to create vector art from them and now they're little pins!

I plan on making more designs of these little Baby Sprites, in themes or elements a little more off-the-wall. After all, grass isn't really one of the traditional elements anyway. It's more of a Pokemon type!

I hope you'll check them out and let me know what you think either on my Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest account. If you have a suggestion for a Baby Sprite design I'd love to hear it!

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