The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Pin Giveaway

***Giveaway ends Monday, Sep. 19th!***
(valid for US shipping only)

Back Story (if you care!)

I've been a Zelda fan since the 90's, when I first played Ocarina of Time. It was my first RPG and the first game I'd played that involved any sort of problem solving. I'd actually returned it to blockbuster, the first time I'd played, because I couldn't get past the Deku Tree. Eventually I gave it another shot when a friend gave me some hints on what I was supposed to do. From there, I played it all the way through and would start it up almost weekly to re-beat Ganon(dorf).

I got Majora's Mask on Christmas Day and popped it in only to realize the N64 required an upgrade chip to play it! My dad zoomed me over to Funcoland (anyone remember back that far? XD) to pick one up and I was enjoying the game later that evening. The games somber / creepy / unsettling aesthetic really intrigued me, and it instantly became one of my favorite games. I liken the feeling of playing it to the feeling of staring down a large dark hole or tunnel. It makes you uneasy but you can't help but be curious about what's down there.

I've always wanted a set of masks to hang on my wall as a display (all of the masks). After I began creating pin designs the idea crept up to create the entire mask collection as enamel pins. I'd love to create a custom silkscreened corkboard painted like the inventory menu to display them!

I haven't created any masks until now, as I didn't know if Nintendo would drop bombs on me or not. They might, but they don't make anything like this and I need them. I knew other Zelda fans would also be interested!

If all goes well with these first few masks, I'll create the others and hopefully we'll end up with a complete set of masks fashioned after the actual in-game icon art!

Giveaway Details

Four separate winners will each receive one of these pins from the set, randomly selected. These four winners will be randomly chosen on Monday, September 19th.

Your prize will be shipped to you, anywhere in the US, for no cost.

How To Enter

I want these pins to go to Zelda fans (not to snub anyone who's interested!). I want to make sure the prize pins will be appreciated for what they are.

To be eligible in the drawing you must:

  • Be a member of the Anima Pins Facebook Group.
  • Respond to the Facebook group's giveaway post with a photo of a Zelda game or collectible that you own. (please include your name or username somewhere in the photo)

If we don't end up with enough Zelda fan entries, prizes will be split between entrants!

Good luck to you! And, I hope you win!