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Baihu - The White Tiger (Four Guardians) 3-Color Foil Vinyl Sticker

Baihu - The White Tiger (Four Guardians) 3-Color Foil Vinyl Sticker

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Baihu, the White Tiger of the West, crouches low amidst the ancient mists that accompany him.

  • Measures 3" wide x 1.5" tall.
  • Laminated vinyl.
  • 3 separate colors of foil embellishment.
  • Waterproof.
  • Matches the style of our Baihu - The White Tiger enamel pin.

The mythical white tiger appears in the mythologies of several East-Asian countries including, most prominently, China, Japan and Korea where he's referred to as Baihu, Byakko or Baekho, respectively. Since ancient times he's personified several aspects of the ancient Chinese theory of Wu Xing (Five Phases) including the western direction, the color white, the autumn season and the element of metal, among other things.

According to Chinese legend, a tiger's tail would turn white upon reaching the wisened age of 500 which gave rise to the myth of Baihu. It's said that the legendary white tiger would only appear when the Emperor ruled with absolute virtue and when there was peace throughout the empire.

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