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Sleeping Fox Enamel Pin

Sleeping Fox Enamel Pin

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  • Measures 1.5" tall.
  • Highly polished gold metal plating.
  • Laser etched logo on the reverse side.
  • Hard enamel.
  • Double posted to keep the pin from rotating or turning.
  • Includes paper backer card.


Standard - These are pins little to no noticeable flaws or imperfections. As pins are all colored and finished by hand small imperfections are possible. However, standard grade pins are the most pristine and any imperfections won't affect the overall appearance of the pin.

B Grade - These pins will have more noticeable imperfections. This could vary from missing or miscolored enamel areas, trapped dust or stray glitter, or scratches in the enamel or metal surfaces. While flawed, these are a great way to score the design at a steep discount!


Black Rubber - These rubber backs work better than standard metal pinch clutches. They hold stronger and are much more comfortable when wearing your pin.

Locking - These locking clutches grip and lock onto the backs of the pin posts, preventing the pin from accidentally falling off or being knocked off. They lock on as easily as pressing them into place. To remove them, press down on the base while pulling up on the top.


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