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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Enamel Pins

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Enamel Pins

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This is my entire collection of Majora's Mask enamel pins and can be purchased as individual pins or as a compete set for a discounted price! A flexible rubber display mat is also available, which is designed with space for each of the 25 mask pins and 4 boss remains pins to go.


Also, please note that the complete set (regardless of the selected grade) will include all Standard Grade pins. The grade selection of the display mat is also irrelevant.


All 25 mask pins and 4 boss remains pins have these properties:

  • Polished gold-metal plating.
  • Hard enamel colors.
  • Laser-etched logo on the reverse side.
  • Double posted with black rubber clutches.
  • Includes paper backer card.

The Happy Mask Salesman and The Moon have these properties:

  • Polished, reflective, black nickel plating.
  • Hard enamel colors.
  • Laser-etched logo on the reverse side.
  • Double posted with black rubber clutches.
  • Includes paper backer card.

The display mat has these properties:

  • Measures 14.125" wide x 14.25" tall.
  • 2mm in thickness.
  • Printed on fabric covered flexible neoprene rubber.
  • Suitable for attaching to corkboard or having framed.
  • NOT suitable for attaching directly to a wall.

Sizes for the pins are as follows:

  1. Majora's Mask = 1.68" wide (42.9mm)
  2. Deku Mask = 1.5" tall (38.1mm)
  3. Goron Mask = 1.28" wide (32.7mm)
  4. Zora Mask = 1.53" wide (39.1mm)
  5. Fierce Deity's Mask = 1.3" wide (33.1mm)
  6. Mask of Truth = 1.22" tall (31mm)
  7. Keaton Mask = 1.53" tall (39.1mm)
  8. Kafei's Mask = 1.38" wide (35.2mm)
  9. All-Night Mask = 1.47" wide (37.4mm)
  10. Gibdo Mask = 1.24" wide (31.5mm)
  11. Troupe Leader's Mask = 1.25" wide (31.9mm)
  12. Romani's Mask = 1.44" wide (36.6mm)
  13. Captain's Hat = 1.66" tall (42.3mm)
  14. Postman's Hat = 1.16" wide (29.6mm)
  15. Garo Mask = 1.61" tall (40.9mm)
  16. Don Gero's Mask = 1.25" tall (31.8mm)
  17. Couple's Mask = 1.15" tall (29.4mm)
  18. Great Fairy's Mask = 1.9" tall (48.4mm)
  19. Kamaro's Mask = 1.97" tall (50.2mm)
  20. Mask of Scents = 1.2" wide (30.6mm)
  21. Bremen Mask = 1.46" wide (37.1mm)
  22. Giant's Mask = 1.44" tall (36.7mm)
  23. Blast Mask = 1.02" wide (26.1mm)
  24. Stone Mask = 1.19" tall (30.4mm)
  25. Bunny Hood = 1.82" tall (46.4mm)
  26. Odolwa's Remains = 2.64" tall (67.2mm)
  27. Goht's Remains = 2.96" wide (75.4mm)
  28. Gyorg's Remains = 2.86" wide (72.8mm)
  29. Twinmold's Remains = 3.38" wide (86mm)
  30. Happy Mask Salesman = 2.5" tall (63.5mm)
  31. The Moon = 3" wide (76.2mm)


Standard - These are pins without noticeable flaws or imperfections. As pins are all colored and finished by hand, each pin will vary slightly from the next. However, these are the most pristine.

B Grade - These pins will have more noticeable imperfections. This could vary from missing or miscolored enamel areas, trapped dust or stray glitter, or scratches in the enamel or metal surfaces. While flawed, these are a great way to score the design at a steep discount!


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